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Four Bergman titles in December - Updated

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of a further four titles in their Bergman collection. Arriving on 6th December priced at £19.99 each are...

Torment (1944)
Marking Bergman’s film debut as screenwriter and directed by Alf Sjőberg, this expressionistic crime of passion revolves around a young student, his sadistic teacher, who’s nicknamed ‘Caligula’, and a prostitute. The nature of oppressive authority is interwoven with the soon-to-be familiar threads of creativity and mentors.

Port of Call (1948)
Set in Gothenburg harbour, this documentary-style drama tells of a impoverished sailor who starts an affair with a lonely girl, who has recently been released from reform school. An uncompromising tale brooding with a perceptive eye for oppressive and destructive relationships. Plans are underway to remake it in the UK starring David Thewlis and Lena Headey.

A Lesson In Love (1954)
Bergman brings a refreshing wit to this tale of a married couple who need each other. Having been together for years, they’ve grown bored and start affairs only to find that they can’t live without each other. There are echoes of Howard Hawkes in this dark domestic comedy.

The Rite (1969)
A theatre troupe are prevented from performing their short play, The Rite, and charged with obscenity. Their interrogation by the local magistrate leads to both parties revealing their innermost secrets. Sexually explicit and stylishly surreal, remarkably it was made for TV, and it even includes a cameo by Bergman himself.

Restored and remastered, all are presented in their original aspect ratio. DVD extras include trailers and notes by Philip Strick.

Bergman titles for 2005 from Tartan include: After The Rehearsal; Eva; Waiting Women and his last project to date, Saraband.

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