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What Have I Done To Deserve This? in October

Optimum Releasing have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Pedro Almodovar's What Have I Done To Deserve This? for 4th October 2004 priced at £19.99. Almodovar wrote and directed What Have I done to deserve this? in 1984 in his now familiar kitsch and flamboyant style. The film stars Carmen Maura as Gloria, an over-worked mother and wife who is addicted to No-Doze amphetamines so that she has the energy to cook and clean for her ungrateful family, as well as cleaning other people's houses in her spare time. Gloria's husband Antonio is a chauvinist taxi driver who gets entangled in a plot to forge Hitler's memoirs, her mother in law is a tight-fisted but loveable old lady who longs to move back to the village, one of her sons deals heroin and the other is adopted out to a lecherous dentist. The family live together in a poky high rise flat in Madrid and among the other residents in the block are a young girl with telekinetic powers and a kind hearted prostitute who is also Gloria's best friend.

What have I done to deserve this? celebrates the absurdity of human characters and the films various subplots and eccentricities make it a hugely entertaining watch. A look back at this hilarious comedy is a reminder of why Almodovar is still the most exciting director in Spanish cinema today.

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