Sony release five new DVD recorders

This month sees the release of no less than 5 new Sony DVD recorders which will replace the existing GX3 and GX7. All of the replacements can write to –R, +R, -RW and +RW. The GX3/7 could not write to +R so this is certainly an improvement.

The GX300 and GX700 are DVD recorders only. They are similarly specified but the GX700 has the added benefit of a firewire input for camcorder editing.

The GXD500 is a DVD recorder with a built in freeview decoder.

Finally, the GX900 and GX1000 combine DVD recording with a hard drive (160GB and 250GB) respectively. As it stands the latter model is the biggest HDD on the market in the UK for sale at the time of writing.

All of the models feature 2 x RGB scarts allowing RGB passthrough.

Prices are yet to be officially announced but internet pricing is already available and is as follows.

GX300 £349.99
GXD500 £499.99
GX700 £499.99
GX900 £699.99
GX1000 £899.99

All of these models bar the GXD500 have component outputs and will provide progressive scan.

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