BMW Films 2002 continues...

...with today’s release of Ticker from writer/director Joe Carnahan. Part of the BMW Films - The Hire series this 8 minute 40 second short stars leading man of the series, Clive Owen, alongside such Hollywood talent as Don Cheadle and Ray Liotta. The story sees 'the driver' (Clive Owen) under pressure as he attempts to escort a mysterious passenger (Don Cheadle) to an unknown location whilst drawing heavy fire from an aggressive helicopter gunman.

This is an interesting, action packed story that is brought to life well by director Joe Carnahan while the lead actor, Clive Owen, is on great form as the driver, a character he has portrayed so well over the course of the series. The addition of Don Cheadle in a leading role only goes to make this well worth the download that is available from the official BMW Films Website*.

*A technical note for those interested, if you log in to the European Server you will be presented with a 73.8mb Windows Media Player version of the film, whereas logging in to the US Server will provide you with a 101mb Quicktime version that includes optional Audio Commentary with Joe Carnahan. Both formats offer very good audio/video quality (considering the obvious restrictions of the formats) so you can feel assured that either version is worth your time.

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