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Deep Space Nine DVD Collections announced

The official Star Trek website has revealed Paramount Home Entertainment's DVD plans for Deep Space Nine. Starting in February 2003 they will issue complete season box sets of Deep Space Nine every other month until all seven seasons are available.

February 25th 2003 marks the beginning of this run when Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Season One debuts on Region 1 DVD as a 6-disc set. The episodes will be presented in their original 4:3 Aspect Ratio and have been treated to all new DD5.1 remixes while Disc 6 contains a wide range of extra features. The full contents of each disc is as follows...

Disc 1: "Emissary," "Past Prologue," "A Man Alone"

Disc 2: "Babel," "Captive Pursuit," "Q-Less," "Dax"

Disc 3: "The Passenger," "Move Along Home," "The Nagus," "Vortex"

Disc 4: "Battle Lines," "The Storyteller," "Progress," "If Wishes Were Horses"

Disc 5: "The Forsaken," "Dramatis Personae," "Duet," "In the Hands of the Prophets"

Disc 6: Special Features, including the feature Deep Space Nine: A Bold Beginning, Crew Dossier: Kira Nerys, Michael Westmore's Aliens: Season One, Secrets of Quark's Bar, Alien Artifacts: Season One, Deep Space Nine Sketchbook, Deep Space Nine Chronicles, Section 31 Hidden Files and a Photo Gallery.

There are no pricing details at this time, nor any confirmation on Region 2 sets though much like the Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD sets, we expect them to arrive at the same time.

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