The Osbournes come to R1 DVD

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Osbournes - The First Season for March 4th 2003 as a 2-disc set. This release will be available in both Censored and Uncensored versions, each carrying an SRP of $29.99.

Presented in 4:3 you will find the following features on both sets...

All Ten Episodes
• Every episode of the smash hit first season

Bonus Episodes
• Four never-before-seen bonus episodes

Bonus Footage
• Never-before-seen, un-aired footage from all ten episodes
• “Too Oz for TV” – Blooper Reel

Top Moments
• Ozzy’s Ten Commandments
• Ozzy’s Fatherly Advice
• Sharon’s Motherly Advice
• Kelly’s Top Moments
• Jack’s Top Moments
• Lola’s Top Moments

Conversations With The Osbournes
• Life On The Road
• Family Values
• First Season Stories
• The Untold Story of Michael the Security Guard

Special Features
• Commentary track on all ten episodes
• Ozzy translator – decode the Prince of Darkness

Set Top Material
• Name that dookie – match the dookie with the doggie
• Edit a scene – assemble your own five-minute segment of the show using various clips
• Osbournes Bingo Game – use supplied cards or download new cards off the internet to play bingo while watching the episodes.

Dvd Rom Material
• Food Nuisance – using old style arcade graphics, Ozzy throws food at the neighbor’s yard from his balcony. Players can adjust the pitch angle and throw velocity to hit several selected targets. Choose bagels, ham or wood for each throw, but watch out as the neighbors become annoyed and fight back. And after four minutes, the police arrive to take Ozzy away.
• Guide to the Osbournes – as each episode plays, view additional text commentary about the show.
• Website links

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