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The story of Bus 174 in September

Metrodome have announced the UK DVD release of Bus 174 for 20th September 2004 priced at £19.99. Jose Padilha's award winning documentary reconstructs, through interviews and actual footage, the compelling, harrowing and deeply moving story of the hijacking of BUS 174 - an event that gripped the entire nation of Brazil and one that ended in chaos and devastating tragedy.

On 12th June 2000, a public bus was hijacked by an armed man in a middle-class residential area of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and the passengers were held hostage for four-and-a-half hours while police struggled to handle the situation. The entire country stopped to watch the drama play out before their eyes, unaware that the live news footage of the apparent hostage crisis would prove to be the highest rated television broadcast of the year in Brazil. As an indictment of the injustices inherent in Brazilian society, BUS 174 reveals the shocking reality of a situation that has inspired the likes of Lund and Meirelles's CITY OF GOD and Babenco's PIXOTE. Devastatingly dramatic, BUS 174 is the must-see documentary release of the year.

BUS 174 (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£19.99) in an extended 140 minute version (the theatrical ran at 120 mins) by Metrodome on 20th September 2004.

Special Features include:

  • The Making Of Bus 174 documentary (30 mins)
  • Interview with director Jose Padilha
  • Additional interviews (running at 40 mins) with sociologist Luiz Eduardo Soares, social worker Yvonne Bezerra, Julieta do Nascimento (Sandro do Nascimento's maternal aunt) and an anonymous professional robber
  • assistant director Alexandre Lima's Social Frontiers Photography Exhibition
  • Trailer
  • Optional English subtitles

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