The Water Margin on DVD

Fabulous Films/Fremantle Home Entertainment, the same people who brought you Monkey on DVD this year are all set to bring the classic cult TV series The Water Margin to R2 DVD starting in February 2003. The entire 26 episode series will be released as a series of 13 individual DVDs (£14.99), each containing two (50 mins) episodes, and as two special six-DVD boxed sets (£69.99) containing 13 episodes each. Special features include digital enhancement, plot synopses, talent biographies and stills galleries. The first boxed set (Season One) and the first two individual DVDs will be released on 3rd February 2002. Subsequent DVDs will be released two a month, with the second boxed set available from May 2003 (tentatively scheduled for the 12th).

Synopsis from the PR...

It is ancient China, one thousand years ago; the time of the Tsung Dynasty. A cruel and corrupt government has driven many upright, law-abiding citizens to rebel, becoming outlaws determined to end the tyranny of their unscrupulous and murderous leader Kao Chiu (Kei Sato). A renegade force of "nine dozen heroes" is forced to hide out in the water margins of Liang Shan Po where, steadily growing in strength, they plot to overthrow their oppressors. Struggling to maintain his honour and nobility, former army officer Lin Chung (Atsuo Nakamura) becomes the reluctant driving force behind the rebellious band of brothers as they embark on their epic and heroic fight for liberty.

Adapted from the famous Chinese folk legend, THE WATER MARGIN was translated and dubbed for the English market by the production team responsible for "Monkey" and featured the vocal talents of Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets), David Collings (the voice of Monkey) and as narrator, Burt Kwouk (Kiss Of The Dragon; Cato in the Pink Panther films). Originally screened to tremendous acclaim on British television by the BBC in 1976, the series combined dazzling, Kurosawa-inspired sword fighting action, high-flying sorcery and superlative special effects with a compelling blend of imagination, mysticism, wisdom and philosophy.

Guaranteed to stir fond nostalgic memories in those who are already familiar with its magnificence, the release of THE WATER MARGIN on DVD is also likely to win over a whole new generation of fans.

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