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Kill Bill Volume 2 Announced

Buena Vista have announced the Region 2 DVD release of Kill Bill Volume 2 for 16 August 2004. Although not specified in the press release, we can expect a 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer and both Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. The information we do have confirms the following extras:

• The Making of Kill Bill - Volume 2
• CHINGON Performance from the Kill Bill Volume 2 Premiere
• Damoe Deleted Scene

Kill Bill Volume 2 was originally slated for release on 11 October so it appears that the UK DVD release has been brought forward in line with the US release on 10 August.

The full press release is as follows.

KILL BILL: Volume 2

'Majestic and moving movie by a master' - Sunday Mirror

Available to buy and rent on DVD and video from 16th August 2004

Revenge is a dish best served cold... but rarely is it served as cool as the concluding half of Tarantino's stunning revenge epic - Kill Bill: Volume 2, out to own and rent on DVD and video from 16th August 2004. Kill Bill: Volume 2 sees Tarantino at the top of his rebel rousing game, both blades flashing, taking no prisoners. A peerless finale; visceral and visually assaulting, this film is an instant classic. Make sure this modern masterpiece is in your DVD or video collection from 16th August 2004.

Kill Bill Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, with the unforgettable Bride (Uma Thurman) continuing her quest to exact revenge on the members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, who massacred her wedding party and left her for dead. Having already crossed two off her death list in a merciless couplet of bloodbaths, three remain - the evil one-eyed Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), the washed up Budd (Michael Madsen) and ultimately, Bill himself (David Carradine). The spectacular showdown between the Bride and Bill is the ultimate climax, complete with an unexpected twist and the revelation of The Bride's real name. Uma perfectly portrays the betrayed and brutalised Bride, while Carradine gives the performance of his career as the smooth talking kingpin; sometimes tender, always lethal.

Tarantino excels himself with this stunning fusion of Kung-Fu, spaghetti western and love story. Producing an eclectic experience for all to enjoy, Tarantino produces unforgettable movie moments that include Gordon Liu's hilarious portrayal of the Bride's Kung Fu master, Pai Mei, "The Lonely Grave of Paula Shultz" (one of the most claustrophobic scenes in film history), and the deliciously savage cat fight between The Bride and Elle. Tarantino can make you laugh, cry, shudder and cringe all at the same time. Kill Bill Volume 2 is an intoxicating mix of iconic cast, stirring soundtrack and palpable tension that shimmers throughout. Elegant, intelligent and exhilarating; Kill Bill Vol 2 an absolutely perfect epilogue to Tarantino's rip roaring rampage of revenge. Gargantuantely entertaining, buy or rent it on DVD and Video from 16th August 2004

'Nigh on impossible not to enjoy' The People


Having killed two of the Deadly Viper Aassassination Sqaud, The Bride continues her mission to avenge the three remaining names on her death list that turned her El Paso wedding party into bloody carnage and left her for dead. Her attention turns to Budd (Michael Madson), Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) and finally the corpse littered path leads to Bill (David Carradine). An unpexected survivor complicates matters. A brutal, touching love story that proves Tarantino to be a masterful filmmaker; Kill Bill Volume 2 is the must have DVD this year.

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