Buffy S3 R1: Problems

Bad news for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer who have held out for the Region 1 set of Season 3, which is officially released tomorrow. Two problems, which may seem minor to many people but are annoying to a lot of fans, are present on the release.

Firstly, an old problem with the Buffy sets has shown its ugly head once more: the "Previously..." sections, which usually appear at the beginning of most episodes recapping the story so far, have been removed from all the episodes in the S3 R1 set. Ironically, this problem was fixed on the Region 2 version of this set (although it had been present on the Season 2 release).

Secondly, and perhaps even more bizarrely, the title music played over the opening titles is incorrect on the first two episodes. Followers of the series will know that the theme music was remixed to a faster, more involved version for Season 3. However, the Season 2 mix is used on the first two episodes and it simply does not fit in with the title montage playing on-screen. The correct music is present in episode 3 onwards, so I can't even suggest some sort of strange music clearance issue.

I cannot see any sensible explanation for either of these problems. Regardless, they ruin what was personally my big hope for a decent copy of the third Buffy season (the UK version contained BBFC cuts to the episode Dead Man's Party). The Region 4 release now looks like the best bet (uncut and all recaps present), assuming you don't mind the PAL speedup.

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