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Bergman titles from Tartan in July

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of two films by Ingmar Bergman for 26th July 2004 with a retail price of £19.99 each. Revered by public and filmmakers alike, Ingmar Bergman is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Even Spielberg himself has to admit “I wish I could be an equally good film-maker as he is, but it will never happen. His love for cinema almost gives me a guilty conscience”. Tartan Video’s latest two releases look at the painful nature of love.

Three Strange Loves (aka Thirst) (1949)
A married couple tear each other apart on a train journey from Switzerland through war-torn Germany to Sweden. In flashback, the husband’s former love, Viola, is traumatised by joint affairs with a psychologist and a lesbian dancer, suffering a breakdown that leads to suicide.
Reminiscent of Strindberg, this is a powerful psychological drama and the lesbian relationship was cut by the film’s censors when it was released in 1949, but is presented her in a fully uncut, restored print. And in true Hitchcock style, there’s even a cameo appearance by Bergman himself as a passenger on the train.

All These Women (aka Now About These Women) (1964)
A change of pace for Bergman, this black farce is his distinctive way of taking a pot shot at critics. When Cornelius, a respected critic, arrives to write a biography of Felix, a womanizing musician, he finds his efforts hampered by all the women in the house, determined to protect their maestro’s privacy. Adding insult to injury the final frustration is that he never actually gets to meet Feilx.

All These Women is Bergman’s first film in colour and features two of his leading ladies: Harriet Andersson (Summer With Monica, Through A Glass Darkly and Cries and Whispers) and Bibi Andersson (Scenes from A Marriage and Persona). A film that proves Berman can be enchanting and amusing without losing his familiar melancholic air.

Extras include: scene selection; filmographies; 4-page booklets by Bergman expert, Philip Strick

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