World Cinema from Momentum: The Centre of the World

Momentum Pictures have announced the Region 2 DVD release of Wayne Wang’s The Centre of the World for April 14th with a £19.99 retail price. Known features include…

  • 1.85:1 Widescreen Presentation
  • "Behind The Cyber Scenes" (the making of the "The Centre Of The World" website)
  • Alternate endings
  • An extended version of the "cab ride" scene
  • Production notes
From the PR...

From director Wayne Wang (Maid In Manhattan; Anywhere But Here; Blue In The Face; Smoke), THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD is a touching and often disturbing film that dissects the boundaries between sexual power and desire.

Richard Longman (Peter Sarsgaard) is a hugely successful computer analyst based in San Francisco. Essentially cut off from the outside world because of his work, he is emotionally withdrawn and craves some sort of human contact. Following a chance meeting with rock drummer and lap dancer Florence (Molly Parker) in a coffee shop, Richard offers her $10,000 to spend three days with him in Las Vegas. After making it very clear she doesn't have sex for money, Florence agrees to go along and to perform a private sex show for Richard between the hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. for three consecutive nights. As part of the deal, she insists on several strict conditions: the pair must have separate rooms, there will be no kissing on the mouth, no talk of feelings and absolutely no penetrative sex. As Richard and Florence get to know each other, their true feelings for each other begin to surface and mutual affection leads to emotional complications as, one by one, the barriers between sexual fantasy and reality are broken down.

A challenging and controversial exploration of the nature of passion and pleasure, THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD blurs the line between art-house erotica and soft porn and received an explicit NC-17 rating on its US release. Featuring astonishing, candid performances from Peter Sarsgaard (Boys Don't Cry; Another Day In Paradise) and Molly Parker (Suspicious River; Waking The Dead), the film also stars Carla Gugino (The One; Spy Kids; Snake Eyes), Balthazar Getty (Lost Highway), Pat Morita (The Karate Kid), and real-life porn actress (and former girlfriend of Bruce Willis) Alisha Klass. Although credited to the pseudonymous Ellen Benjamin Wong (in reality the middle names of the film's three main writers), the script for THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD is actually the result of story contributions from director Wang, husband and wife writers Paul Auster (Lulu On The Bridge; Blue In The Face; Smoke) and Siri Hustvedt, and multi-media artist Miranda July.

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