New Pioneer Wireless DVD Home Cinema System

Pioneer have announced the UK launch of their new DVD Home Cinema System, the DCS-525, boasting a digital wireless rear speaker unit, elegant satellite front speakers and an ultra-slim subwoofer. A retail price has yet to be set, but retailers are taking pre-orders at around the £400 mark so it should prove to be quite affordable when it debuts in July 2004.

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Pioneer DCS-525

The new powered digital wireless rear speaker unit uses Direct Diffuse technology, bouncing sound waves off the walls & ceiling creating an excellent surround sound experience. With a 9 cm slim subwoofer that can be placed horizontally or vertically and only one flexible-to-install digital wireless rear speaker unit, the DCS-525 system gives the user more installation freedom than ever before to match speakers with the layout of their room.

According to Jim Catcheside, Product Manager, Home Electronics and Multimedia Division, Pioneer GB Ltd: “Our DSP and Direct Diffuse technology in combination with a digital wireless rear speaker unit allows us to offer a versatile and space saving solution that actually adds a new dimension to surround sound quality. The combined system’s speaker units demonstrate that we are producing both leading edge technology and stylish design that will blend in any room, building on our desire to provide total DVD home cinema solutions.”

Versatile and compatible
The DCS-525 obviously shines while playing back one of the many commercially available DVD-Video movie or music titles. But it equally well handles home recorded DVD-R and DVD-RW discs, including DVD-RW discs recorded in DVD Video Recording Mode with play list edits.

The system also allows playback of MP3 and WMA audio files, and offers the ability to view JPEG images from CD, in addition to compatibility with VideoCD and SVCD.

Discreet design
Pioneer has created a design solution that will fit any home. The front satellite speakers and digital wireless rear speaker unit are in classic grey and silver while the ultra slim subwoofer can be placed horizontally or vertically; a stylish and discreet solution, yet boasting a total maximum power of 650W RMS.

Impactful audio
The Pioneer Digital Wireless DVD Home Cinema experience is all about sound quality to fit in with your lifestyle:

  • 650 W (100 W x 6 + 25 W x 2) RMS

  • One body powered digital wireless rear speaker with Direct Diffuse technology, and CD-quality digital sound transfer between transmitter and the digital wireless speaker unit

  • Ultra-slim subwoofer that can be used in vertical or horizontal position with. mounting feet

  • Dialogue enhancement using the front left and right speakers in addition to the centre speaker to enhance reproduction of the dialogue

  • Easy room and listening position set up so that the sound is adjusted for maximum impact with minimal user effort

  • MP3 / WMA audio playback compatibility from CD

    Easy set-up
    Pioneer’s DVD home cinema systems have a Euro-SCART with RGB high quality video output, which means that only one cable is needed to connect the system to the TV.

    The digital wireless rear speaker can be positioned flexibly in height (at ear level or down low) as well as in terms of horizontal location (more to the left or more to the right). Thanks to new DSP modes, Wireless Left/Right and Wireles Wide, different positions are compensated for perfect surround sound. You can even move it to an adjacent space, and select “Stereo Mode” to enjoy fabulous 2-channel audio from the main unit.

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