New Pioneer DVD Recorders with Hard Disk Drives

Continuing with their new range of DVD recorders, the DVR-220 / DVR-320 ‘straight models’ will be joined by the DVR-720H and DVR-520H with built-in hard disk drives, providing consumers with the next generation of DVD technology as well as massive storage capacity for broadcast programmes, films and digital camera footage. Retail prices have yet to be set and no retailers appear to be taking orders so we cannot offer any hints at the pricing of these models...

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Pioneer DVDR-520H

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Pioneer DVDR-720H

Building on the success of the highly acclaimed DVR-5100H 80 Gb DVD recorder introduced last year, the new DVD recorders offer 160 Gb (DVR-720H) and 80Gb (DVR-520H) hard disk capacity, able to store an impressive 200 and 100 hours of video respectively. The new systems have an up to 48X high speed copy feature, allowing footage stored on the hard drive to be copied up to 48 times faster than real time to DVD, without any loss in quality. Combining leading edge technology with a strong heritage of innovation and invention, Pioneer has developed the ideal companion for television recording. Users can also watch the beginning of a recorded programme whilst still recording the end – perfect for those who miss the first ten minutes of the match or arrive home half way through their favourite show.

“Pioneer remains at the forefront of the home entertainment market as our DVR products evolve and take advantage of the very latest innovations in technology. We are meeting the demand across Europe for simple recording and the ability to store a large number of programmes and home video files, with these state-of-the-art products,” says Jim Catcheside, Product Manager, Home Electronics and Multimedia Division, Pioneer GB Ltd.

The Pioneer DVR-720H and DVR-520H are only 5.9 cm high, making them amongst the slimmest on the market and an attractive addition to existing home AV equipment. You can also play back MP3 and WMA music files and even view JPG images from CD with these systems. Up to 48X High speed copying from HDD to DVD allows the sharing of your favourite moments on discs compatible with a wide variety of DVD players.

Picture perfect
Avoiding the clutter and confusion of videotapes, the DVR-720H and DVR-520H record on both DVD-R and DVD-RW media, as well as the built in HDD, making it a perfect choice for users who regularly record and erase / replace TV programmes or want to edit content recorded for example via the DV In / out terminal. Key features include:

  • High capacity 160 Gb (DVR-720H) or 80 Gb (DVR-520H) HDD that allows users to record directly on to the hard drive for temporary storage and archive selected recordings on DVD-R/DVD-RW discs

  • The Advanced Disc Navigator allows you to select a thumbnail image and see the corresponding title play in that thumbnail frame, with audio, allowing you to quickly recognise recorded programmes

  • Up to 48X High speed copying directly from the HDD to DVD-R/DVD-RW discs to archive material without the need for decoding or re-encoding. This ensures that no image or audio data is lost, maintaining the exact quality level as recorded originally

  • Using the Disc History function, users can easily find out which disc has sufficient space (or content that may be overwritten) without the need to actually load and check the discs in their libraries

  • Possibility of recording between one to six hours of material on disc in both ‘Video Mode’ and ‘Video Recording mode’, depending on desired picture quality and editing requirements

  • Four pre-set recording modes ranging from low to the highest quality levels (EP, LP, SP or FINE), and in addition the option to manually fine-select the recording quality in 32 steps. Using the EP recording mode, users are able to record an amazing 204 (DVR-720H model) hours of programmes onto the HDD alone

  • The Disc Backup feature offers users a convenient way to backup important material at high speed. All contents and information from the original disc is fully backed up without any quality loss. During Disc Backup, recording to the HDD or playback of other content from the HDD is possible

  • Best quality RGB analogue video input is supported via SCART

    A simple way to record the programmes you want
    The Pioneer DVR-720H and DVR-520H guarantee ease of use with straightforward recording functions ensuring TV fans can relax and get out or stay in more without the hassle of programming the VCR! Key simplified features include:

  • Touch-n-Go functionality automatically scans recorded content on an inserted DVD disc and commences recording at the first available space. This eliminates the possibility of accidental overwrites – no more sitting down to watch the football only to find an hour of the latest comedy show instead!

  • Easy timer recording functionality enables users to programme fifteen minute slots using the on-screen cursor operated via the remote control

  • Simultaneous recording and playback means that material can be recorded on the HDD or DVD whilst watching another programme previously recorded on the HDD or DVD (performing both recording and playback simultaneously on DVD media requires 2x or 4x speed DVD-RW media in DVD Video Recording mode)

  • Chase Play functionality is a convenient feature enabling users for example to interrupt their viewing – to answer the door or break for tea – by simply recording the programme on the hard drive or a DVD Video Recording Mode DVD-RW disc and then watching where it was left off a few minutes later while the recorder continues to record

  • Easy recording from a variety of sources including the built-in analogue TV tuner, digital camcorder via the DV in/output and external AV sources, with support for best quality RGB video via SCART

  • The latest advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables users to record, edit and playback footage using thumbnail images as a guide. The copy list GUI makes it easy to duplicate edited or multiple titles at once, saving time and making content management easier than ever

    Capture memories as well as movies
    The Pioneer DVR-720H and DVR-520H are the perfect choices for editing home movies using the remote control and Pioneer’s GUI (Graphical User Interface). Key elements include:

  • DV in/output (i.LINK) simplifies dubbing of digital DV camcorder video, using the Pioneer DVD recorder’s remote to control basic camcorder functions, making it ideal for the home movie maker

  • The Disc Navigator function enables users to perform advanced edits on DVD-RW media in DVD Video Recording Mode as well as creating a play list based on the original content. Multiple playlists can also be created based on the same original content – enabling users for example to make a different scene selection for the family and another for friends

  • Frame accurate editing is also possible through the Disc Navigator. It allows the user to mark for example exact parts for deletion, meaning unwanted commercials that interrupt a movie can be deleted with high precision

  • Pioneer’s picture quality adjustment function alters the brilliance and colour signals to create a perfect picture according to the source, allowing users for example to optimise the picture quality of an old video tape when transferring it to DVD

    All the features of a Pioneer DVD-Video player
    It is a simple step to create fully-fledged home cinema by connecting the DVD recorder to a Dolby Digital/DTS compatible amplifier/receiver and a multi-channel AV surround speaker system, for immersion in incredible surround sound and crisp digital imagery. Beside DVD-video discs, all DVD recorders play back CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs and Video CDs. Additionally, the DVR-720H and DVR-520H can handle MP3 and WMA audio files recorded on CD-R/RW as well as the VideoCD and SVCD. There is also a JPEG PhotoViewer for enjoying digital camera images from CD.

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