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As I am sure many of you are well aware, Hong Kong Legends also release their discs across the pond in Holland. The discs are for the most part identical while the release schedule is often fairly close, so its always worth checking the official HKL Netherlands site for those hints the UK one is reluctant to dish out. Very recently (within the past few days) HKL NL updated their site to show the following release dates for 2003...

18th February 2003:

Dragon from Russia (February 24th)
*Drunken Master

18th March 2003:

Crime Story (March 24th)
*New Dragon Gate Inn

22nd April 2003:

Flaming Brothers
*Snage in the Eagles Shadow

20th May 2003:

Swordsman 1
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

24th June 2003:

Bruce Lee Boxset

The dates in brackets are the known UK releases. Those titles with * by them are readily available in the UK, though the two Jackie Chan titles are long rumoured to be in production for a re-issue sometime this year, but then they were never released by HKL in Holland so its any ones guess as to which versions they will receive. The other titles should give you a rough idea of when to expect them in the UK, but I would like to stress this information does NOT officially refer to the UK release schedule, and is just presented here for those who love to speculate.

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