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SHOW: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty in July

Coming Home Studios have announced the UK Region 0 DVD release of SHOW: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty for 5th July 2004 with a retail price of £16.99. Distributed through Pinnacle this disc showcases for the very first time on DVD, SRS Labs Circle Surround 5.1® technology.

Matchbox Twenty played the show of a lifetime to fans and followers at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on June 28, 2003 a stopover on their More Than You Think You Are Tour 2003. This DVD was shot in state of the art high definition format with 17 cameras, utilizing multiple angles, capturing all the nuances of a stellar live performance. Matchbox Twenty can be heard with depth and clarity, as this DVD was recorded in 5.1 PCM stereo.

SHOW - A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty will be released in 16.9 format, and offered in two different audio mixes, Dolby Digital 5.1 as well as a new state of the art technology, SRS Labs Circle Surround 5.1®. Circle Surround 5.1 is a new surround format that allows a 5.1 surround mix to be stored or transferred over a two-channel track. Circle Surround is 100% compatible with all playback environments, from one speaker mono, to two speaker stereo or multispeaker surround sound systems. On the SHOW, the stereo track is encoded in Circle Surround 5.1 so that now any listener with a surround sound system (not just a Dolby Digital A/V receiver), will enjoy the original 5.1 mix that Matchbox Twenty and engineer, Jim Barton created. This also means that any Circle Surround-encoded clip that is broadcast over television or radio or compressed for distribution online, will retain the surround sound information.

With nineteen songs, spanning three enormously successful albums, this double DVD also includes documentary footage (50mins approx), two tracks utilising MX Multi-Angle technology, one Easter Egg (hidden track) and a behind-the-scenes photo gallery.

Produced by Coming Home Studios, MX Multi-Angle Technology enables viewers to select four different camera angles to view the concert. The technology utilises multiple remote cameras to capture every aspect of the band's performance. Coming Home originally used this technology on last year’s RUSH in Rio double live DVD.

How does MX Multi-Angle Technology actually work? Four miniature screens appear directly beneath the overall main screen. While the concert is playing on the latter, the DVD viewer can highlight one of the four mini screens or camera angles. Once a camera angle or screen is highlighted, the overall main screen automatically edits into the camera angle that is chosen. The multi-angle technology enables the viewer to manipulate the camera angles whilst experiencing the concert, and gives the DVD viewer the ability to select content. The end result is an interactive concert experience that allows the viewer to freely edit the camera angles in real time.

Track Listing: Cold, Real World, Soul, Disease, Could I Be You, 3 AM, Mad Season, Feel, Hand Me Down, If You’re Gone, Bright Lights, Bent, Unwell, Back To Good, Downfall, You’re So Real, So Sad So Lonely, Long Day, Push.

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