Justice League: Paradise Lost in June

Warner Home Video

have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Justice League: Paradise Lost for 21st June 2004 with a retail price of £12.99. The final instalment in the Justice League collection this disc features two 2-part episodes and special features that include introductions to each episode by the producer and director and a Paradise Lost - Draw the Dark Side animation feature allowing younger fans to bring their animated heroes to life.

In the first animated episode Paradise Lost, Wonder Woman returns home to Themyscira to find that the evil sorcerer Felix Faust has turned her mother, Hippolyta and the rest of her Amazon sisters to statues of stone. Faust promises to free Themyscira from his evil enchantment if Wonder Woman agrees to help him find the lost fragments of a mysterious ancient relic.

In the second superhero episode, War World, Superman is captured by the warlord Mongul and plunged into a gladiator-style fight to the finish on an alien planet. Now, only Green Lantern and Hawkgirl can save their caped friend from the battle zone known only as War World.

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