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Whatever the Summer may bring - heat wave, floods, or alien invasions - Tartan Video guarantee it will take you on a world of adventure. There are drag acts and drug dealers, explosive family revelations and murderous school kids, classic TV drama and timeless masterpieces from legends of world cinema. Press play and enjoy.

26th July 2004:

Capturing the Friedmans - Full announcement - Full review
Compelling Oscar-nominated documentary that that continues to generate heated debates with audiences and critics alike. The Friedmans are a nice, middle-class Long Island family, seemingly addicted to recording their daily lives – first on super-8, then on video. But their world crumbles when the father, a respected teacher, is accused, along with the youngest of his three sons, of molesting schoolchildren. Unbelievably, the arrest, trial and its horrifying aftermath are all chronicled in the family’s own home movies, revealing a tangle of contradictions that will haunt you long after the end-credits roll.
Released on video and 2-disc Special Edition DVD.

Bad Guy - Full announcement - Full review
A gangster develops an obsession for a young student who’s finding it difficult to pay her way through college. He forces her into prostitution, becoming her secret protector and voyeur, enabling him to show his own form of affection. Psychologically brutal tale from top Korean director, Kim Ki-Duk, also responsible for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...And Spring. Released on video and DVD.

The Cockettes - Full announcement
Warmly affectionate documentary about a disparate group of hippies and drag queens, who formed an improv theatre troupe and became a cult sensation in the late 60s and 70s. The Cockettes briefly included Divine and disco diva Sylvester as members. The film combines contemporary interviews with archive footage to creative a fitting tribute to these countercultural heroes of a lost era. Released on DVD only.

Also out: Two more classic Bergman dramas, All These Women and Three Strange Loves (Full announcement), and quirky Argentinian comedy-drama Suddenly (Full review).

23rd August 2004:

Battle Royale II: Requiem - Full announcement
A new term, a new class, and a new set of rules. Let the killing re-commence. The long-awaited sequel to cult smash Battle Royale is upon you, and this time a group of unsuspecting schoolkids are sent on a suicide mission to a deserted island to wipe out a band of young terrorists. Manic and wickedly murderous, it’s sure to win no new fans from the White House! Released on video and DVD.

Twilight Samurai - Now postponed
A stately and contemplative study of a man in flux. Stoic and unassuming, Seibei is a low-ranking retainer of a 19th century Japanese samurai clan, whose main concern is one of survival - for himself and his family. But old feudal traditions still abound and, against his nature, he’s reluctantly forced into a brutal duel by his overlord. Starring Hiroyuki Sanada from the original Ring series and the Tom Cruise vehicle The Last Samurai. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Oscar. Released on DVD only.

The Eye (Special Edition) - Full announcement
One of the great modern horror tales is back to haunt you with newly remastered Dolby Digital and DTS Digital 5.1 soundtracks. Blind Mun has her sight restored through a cornea transplant. Immediately she starts seeing ghosts everywhere which threaten to destroy her. Tom Cruise is heading up the Hollywood remake and THE EYE 2 is coming to cinemas this Autumn. DVD only.

Also released: Julio Medem’s controversial documentary on Spain’s political and cultural dilemmas within the Basque Country in Basque Ball (Full announcement).

27th September 2004

Wonderland - Full announcement
Val Kilmer is drug-addled porn legend John Holmes in this stylishly brutal true-life story of LA’s infamous Wonderland murders in 1984. A dark tale of Hollywood’s seamier side. It also stars Kate Bosworth, Dylan McDermott, Josh Lucas, and Lisa Kudrow. With is classic rock soundtrack, it’s sure to get your eyeballs and feet dancing.
Released on video and extras-packed DVD.

Japanese Story - Full announcement
Toni Collette stars in this award-winning box-office hit from Australia. A young geologist is asked to look after a visiting Japanese businessman on a journey into the desert. Their frosty relationship thaws as their circumstances worsen. However, their newly discovered love is brutally cut short by unexpected events which will affect their lives forever. A powerful film with a towering emotional performance from Collette.

Asia Extreme releases Hard Boiled Collector's Edition, newly remastered with remixed 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks, and including both dubbed and original Cantonese subtitled versions. Released on DVD only.

Heimat: Series 1 - Full announcement
Compulsive viewing when it was first shown on TV in the 80s, HEIMAT tells the history of Germany through the lives of a small rural village community. Series One takes us from the end of the second world war until 1980 and the drama unfolds over eleven episodes. A second series followed and a third has just been completed. Considered one of the must-see events in the 40 years of BBC 2.
Released in a special collector’s 5-disc box.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...And Spring
From the director of Bad Guy, a multi-award winning film that could not be more different. This is a sumptuously simple tale of one boy’s life lessons alongside his Buddhist master. Meditative and beautiful, it’s sure to restore hope in humanity and the magic of movies. Released on DVD only.

Ozu Box Set: Tokyo Story; Late Spring; A Taste of Green Tea
One of the masters of world cinema, Ozu opened up audiences to life in modern Japan, and now Tartan Video is releasing three of his classic films, including the critically praised Tokyo Story, a perennial favourite with audiences, even 50 years later.
Released on DVD only.

Also released: It’s a French summer with Delphine Gleize’s feature debut on life, death and bullfighting in Carnages (Full announcement).

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Truffaut’s film nourish Tirez Sur Le Pianiste and comical Keaton-style tribute, Baisers Voles
The Cooler, starring William H Macy and Oscar-nominated Alec Baldwin
Infernal Affairs 2
Miike Takashi’s Gozu

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