The Second Coming from Carlton

Carlton Visual Entertainment have announced the Region 2 DVD release of The Second Coming, an exciting new TV drama about love, life and the Final Judgement that stars Christopher Eccleston as the Son of God. Available from 17th February 2003 with a retail price of £12.99 you will find the following bonus features present...

  • Russell T.Davies (Writer) and Adrian Shergold (Director) Commentary
  • 37 minutes of deleted scenes
Synopsis from the Press Release...

After 40 days missing, Steve Baxter, played by the superb Christopher Eccleston (The Others, Elizabeth, 28 Days), is found on moorland in the North of England, incoherent and babbling that he is the 'Son of God'. Relieved that he is alive, Steve's friend, Judith (Lesley Sharp) is concerned about the state of his mental health. Complicating this is the newly declared love between Steve and Judith after years of friendship.

Surprisingly, Steve finds that not everyone is eager to believe that he is the Second Coming -he realises he will have to stage a major event to make people sit up and take notice of him. In a packed football stadium of believers, Steve announces that humankind must write it's own Third Testament or face the Day of Judgement in a mere five days time! Hysteria and chaos ensues, Fuelled by the media-circus, fear, cynicism and violence erupt.

Logic dictates that if God exists then so does the Devil and Judith soon finds herself in mortal danger. Steve also finds that he is vulnerable, even though he is God's Messenger his powers are not unlimited and his love for Judith just makes him more vulnerable. He begins to realise that what he wants the most he cannot have -a future with Judith. He struggles to understand what actually will occur on Judgement Day, but the revelation dawns on Judith first -realising this she decides she must act.

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