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Monty Python's The Meaning of Life in May

Universal Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Monty Python’s hilarious final full-length movie, The Meaning of Life, on a 2 disc special edition DVD from 17th May 2004. Produced by the film’s original producer, John Goldstone, and with new outrageous bonus material created by the Monty Python team, this is the definitive DVD for all Monty Python fans.

Digitally re-mastered picture with 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS sound, this special edition is rammed with features including, audio commentary from the Monty Python team, Education tips (an educational video preparing you for life in the real world written for the DVD by Michael Palin and John Cleese and performed by them and Terry Jones), deleted scenes and a ‘Lonely People Soundtrack’ – a soundtrack for people watching the DVD at home alone!

Retailing at £19.99 the full set of features are:

Disc One:

  • Audio Commentary – with Terry Jones and Terry Gillian (102 mins)
  • Director’s Cut – Option to jump out and view three deleted scenes in sequence order (10:04 mins)
  • ‘Lonely People Soundtrack’ – A soundtrack for people watching the DVD at home alone (feature audio with effects) (102 mins)
  • Prologue : Eric Idle introduction (1:11mins)
  • Animated English menus with moving thumbnails and 5.1 sound
Disc Two:
  • The Meaning of Making the Meaning of Life (49 mins)
    A programme that gives a whole new perspective on the film with contemporary interviews, original EPK materials and clips with all six members of Monty Python
  • Education Tips (6 mins)
    An ‘Educational Video’ that prepares you for life in the real world specially written for the DVD by Michael Palin and John Cleese and performed by John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Jones
  • Un Film de John Cleese (1:30 mins)
    A new trailer for the John Cleese version of the film
  • Re-mastering a Masterpiece (8:20 mins)
    A video documentary about the restoration of the film that includes an interview with restoration maven James C Katz told against Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam’s individual methods of film restoration
  • Song and Dance (11:30 mins)
    Two of the musical numbers from the film “Every Sperm in Sacred”, and “Christmas in Heaven”, are revealed by choreographer Arlene Philips, dancer Jane Leeves and director Terry Jones
  • Song Unsung (9:07 mins)
    The alternative versions of the songs recorded by their authors:
    - Every Sperm is sacred (Eric Idle version) (3:20 mins)
    - It’s The Meaning of Life (Terry Jones version) (2:47 mins)
    - Christmas in Heaven (Eric Idle version) (3:07 mins)
  • Selling The Meaning of Life (11:22 mins)
    Materials used and unused to promote the movie
    - Trailer (2:40 mins)
    - TV Spot (30 secs)
    - TV Spot (30 secs)
    - US Promo (2:02 mins)
    - Rejects (53 secs)
    - UK Radio (2:18 mins)
    - Telepathy (2:24 mins)
  • Snipped Bits (18:23 mins)
    The scenes that didn’t make it (some with commentaries):
    - Martin Luther (3:53mins)
    - An Expert (48 secs)
    - The Cheese Lady (1:02 mins)
    - Randy in the jungle (1:15 min)
    - The Hendy's (4:58 mins)
    - Mr Creosote arrives at the restaurant (1:30 mins)
    - Gaston takes us for a good walk (4:55 mins)
  • Virtual Reunion (3:07 mins)
    The Pythons reunited for the first time by digital means!
  • What Fish Think (16:04 mins)
    A unique option that will enable the viewer to get into the minds of fish.
    For those with DVD ROM capabilities:
    - The Screenplay: the whole screenplay
    - The Lost Scenes: two of the scenes written but not used
    - Song Sheet of music and lyrics from the film: 7 songs
    - Cooking tips – Mr Creosote’s The Joy of Fat recipes
  • Web Links
    Web links to existing and/or newly created websites

    Total running time Disc Two: 134 mins 22 secs

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