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Help fight cancer

Statistics show that cancer is going to affect a large proportion of people sometime in their lives - and the disease has the power to also rip lives apart, not just the sufferers' lives, but also those who surround them.

There is no literal cure as of yet, although treatments are getting more advanced. Cancer used to be a death sentence, but nowadays there is a higher survival rate than ever; but until we reach that magic 100%, then we'll keep on fighting.

One way to really help scientists find new cures for the disease is by using the unused resources of your computer. When you're browsing the Internet, working on a Word document or listening to some music, your CPU is only using a small chunk of its maximum potential. So what happens to the remaining power?

United Devices have created a programme that utilises unused CPU cycles to analyse scientific data in the search for drugs which will effectively combat cancer. All you need to do is download a small, no cost, non-invasive program onto your PC that works like a screensaver: it runs when your computer isn't being used, and processes research while your machine is not busy. The project never interrupts your usual PC use. From time to time the program uses your internet connection to upload results from data it has processed, and to download another batch of data to work on. The project software cannot detect or transfer anything on your machine but project-specific information. It just allows your computer to screen molecules that may be developed into drugs to fight cancer. Each individual computer analyzes a few molecules and then sends the results back over the Internet for further research. The goal is to enlist enough volunteers to contribute 24 million hours of computational time. This project is anticipated to be the largest computational chemistry project ever undertaken and represents a genuine hope to find a better way to fight cancer.

Thanks to Dan Bates for some of the information above about the UD Client

  • Download the client from the UDD Download Page
  • Read all about the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project
  • Look at the Frequently Asked Questions

    Last updated: 19/04/2018 13:28:28

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