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Garfield And Friends: Volume 1 in July

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Garfield And Friends: Volume 1 for 27th July 2004 with a retail price of $39.98. Get set for the first Garfield & Friends collection, featuring 24 episodes of the hilarious animated Saturday morning TV series starring that fat and sassy feline who lives for lasagne and can't stand diets, exercise and Mondays! Along with his not-too-bright pooch pal, Odie, and gullible owner Jon, Garfield coughs up a hairball of humour that every human will love.

Each episode contains a Garfield sandwich, featuring two slices of Garfield & Friends and a chewy centre of U.S. Acres, the show featuring Garfield's farm-fresh friends, also created by comic genius Jim Davis.

Presented in the original Full Screen aspect ratio with English and Spanish Mono audio tracks (and accompanying subtitles) the only bonus feature is a trailer for the live action movie.

Episode Breakdown:

Disc 1
Show #1: Garfield's Moving Experience / Wade, You're Afraid / Good Mousekeeping,
Show #2: Nighty Nightmare / Banana Nose / Ode To Odie
Show #3: Fraidy Cat / Shell Shocked Sheldon / Nothing To Sneeze At
Show #4: Garfield: Peace and Quiet / U.S. Acres Wanted: Wade! / Garfield Goes Hawaiian
Show #5: Box O'Fun / Unidentified Flying Orson / School Daze
Show #6: Identity Crisis / The Bad Sport / Up A Tree
Show #7: Weighty Problem / The Worm Turns / Good Cat, Bad Cat
Show #8: Cabin Fever / Return Of Power Pig / Fair Exchange

Disc 2
Show #9: The Binky Show / Keeping Cool / Don't Move!
Show #10: Magic Mutt / Short Story / Monday Misery
Show #11: Best Of Breed / National Tapioca Pudding Day / All About Odie
Show #12: Caped Avenger / Shy Fly Guy / Green Thumbs Down
Show #13: Forget Me Not / I Like Having You Around / Sales Resistance
Show #14: Pest Of A Guest / The Impractical Joker / Fat And Furry
Show #15: Rip Van Kitty / Grabbity / The Big Catnap
Show #16: The Great Getaway / Scrambled Eggs / Hansel And Garfield

Disc 3
Show #17: The Sludge Monster / Fortune Kooky / Heatwave Holiday
Show #18: One Good Fern Deserves Another / Goody Go-Round / The Black Book
Show #19: The Legend Of The Lake / Double Oh Orson / Health Feud
Show #20: Binky Gets Cancelled! / Show Stoppers / Cutie & The Beast
Show #21: The Lasagna Zone / Sleepytime Pig / Yojumbo
Show #22: Pros And Cons / Rooster Revenge / Lights! Camera! Garfield!
Show #23: The Legend of Polecat Flats / Hogcules / Brain Boy
Show #24: Maine Course / No Laughing Matter / Attack of the Mutant

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