The Animatrix DVD details

The final press release is now online and confirms the following features for The Animatrix DVD...

DVD SRP $24.98/$19.95 MAP
Street Date: June 3, 2003
Languages: ENG (5.1), JAP (5.1)
Subtitles: ENG, FR, SPAN
Program Running Time: Approx 90 mins.
DVD Running Time: Approx 180 mins.
Rating: Not Rated

The Animatrix DVD is highlighted by the following special features:

  • Scrolls to Screen - The History and Culture of Anime
  • Seven "making-of" featurettes including director profiles featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at each film
  • Four audio commentaries (featured on the films The Second Renaissance Pt. 1 & 2, Program and World Record) - all with Japanese audio and English subtitles
  • Enter the Matrix Game Trailer - exclusive look into the creation of the "Enter The Matrix" video game, featuring interviews from some of the film's stars including Jada Pinkett and Carrie-Anne Moss
You should be sure to read through the entire press release that is online over at DVDFile as it outlines just what The Animatrix is all about.

To sample The Animatrix you should head over to the official website where you can download the first of four shorts that will be made available for download (free of charge). The highest resolution file comes to 140mb but is well worth the time required even for 56k users.

The final press release is also online for The Matrix Special Edition and confirms the specs we posted a few days ago with a little more detail for you to ponder over. We have also updated our previous story on this new release to include the cover-art for the new Special Edition, which you can also see below.

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