Rumour time: Indiana Jones

I've just got off the phone with an industry insider (who would prefer to remain anonymous). The topic of conversation was Indiana Jones and the DVD release of the first three films. It seems that the titles are certainly on for release in the last quarter of the year although the final format of this release is still under debate at Paramount.

Recent reports (in the Wall Street Journal amongst others) have suggested that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are currently in talks with Paramount with the aim of deciding on the DVD release strategy - Spielberg/Lucas are reportedly favouring individual releases of each title with a boxset of all three (or four if it's finished) films released at a later date.

The discs themselves are currently in production - we're yet to get any information on extra material although we can expect the first film at the very least to consist of two discs. Of course we can expect pristine transfers for all three films, although my source remains tight lipped about the possibility of the discs featuring a DTS soundtrack.

So, we don't really know much more, other than we can be sure of a DVD release of at least Raiders of the Lost Ark this year, and there's also a strong possibly all three films. All of the discs will be available to Paramount for release at the same time, so we're just waiting on their decision. I think we can expect full official confirmation that Indiana Jones is coming to DVD in a few months.

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