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Warner Home Video have announced the Region 2 DVD releases of Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring and The Adventures of Pinocchio for March 3rd 2003. The latter will be a basic disc (£12.99 RRP) with no extra features while the Tom & Jerry movie shapes up like this...

Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring - £15.99 RRP

  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Making of The Magic Ring - Behind The Artists Brush
  • Bonus cartoons - Haunted Mouse, The Flying Sorceress
  • How to Draw Tom and Jerry feature
  • Trailer
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Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring

Warner Home Video offers animation fans a digital delight this Easter as they announce the first ever UK DVD release from that unstoppable cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry.

Available to buy from 3rd March 2003 for the simply purr-fect price of £15.99 SRP, join the world famous crazy cartoon combo as they return in this feature film blending the fun and comedy of their animated shorts with irresistible elements of magic and sorcery.

The high octane feature length adventure begins when a young wizard entrusts his faithful feline Tom with a magic ring but due to some amusing high jinks, Jerry ends up with the ring stuck on his head. Irritated, Tom pursues Jerry determined to get the ring back, but in typical Tom and Jerry style there's a problem - the ring starts releasing an uncontrollable stream of magic and everyone is trying to get their hands on this wonderous gem.

DVD Details

The fantastic special features of this disc include a trailer, a 'Making of the Magic Ring' documentary allowing viewers to get behind the artists brush and two bonus cartoons entitled Haunted Mouse and The Flying Sorceress. Kids can also learn how to draw their own Tom and Jerry - all of which will keep the little ones out of trouble during the long Easter holiday period.

Tom and Jerry are the ultimate animated icons of our time whose popularity has crossed age and gender boundaries like no characters ever before. Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring has sold an amazing 170,000 VHS units since its release in November 2001 and the more recent compilation volumes of animated shorts is testament to the enduring popularity of the franchise.
Some say it's the love of the chase, others say it's the slapstick humour and Tom and Jerry's love-to-hate relationship. No matter what it is the mischievous mouse and his feline foe have entertained fans around the world for years and will continue to do so this Easter and for years to come.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

When you wish upon a star this Easter your dreams will almost certainly come true as Warner Home Video release an all-new animated adaptation of the timeless fairy tale classic The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Based on the much-loved children's story, this feature length tale will be available to buy on VHS (£9.99 SRP) and DVD (£12.99 SRP) from the 3rd March 2003. Unbeatably priced, this delightful tale will guarantee that there's no fretting or frowning over the forthcoming holiday period.

A family entertainment winner, this enchanting narrative tells the story of Geppetto, a lonely toy maker who wishes more than anything to have a son. When a caring fairy hears Geppetto's wish she brings one of his puppets to life, resulting in one of the most magical adventures ever. Full of spirit, the wooden boy Pinocchio takes off on the experience of a lifetime as he travels from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the mountains and everywhere in-between!

Brilliant animation, clever new characters and fun original songs bring an imaginative twist to the heart-warming tale ensuring that it continues to be a perennial favourite with children, families and animation enthusiasts alike.

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