Buffy Season 6 extras

As per usual, the BBFC have proven to be the first source of news of the extra features we can expect on the next release of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The following have been rated for inclusion in the Season 6 set:

  • Featurette: Buffy Goes To Work - 4:59

  • Featurette: A&E TVography - 43:02

  • Featurette: Season 6 Overview: Life is the Big Bad - 30:19

  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Panel Discussion - 59:26

  • Commentary: 6x01/6x02 "Bargaining"

  • Commentary: 6x07 "Once More, With Feeling"

  • Commentary: 6x09 "Wrecked"

  • Commentary: 6x16 "Hell's Bells"

  • Commentary: 6x17 "Normal Again"

  • Commentary: 6x22 "Grave"

  • Karaoke Sing-Alongs - 10:16

  • Outtakes Reel - 2:29

  • Outtakes Reel - 2:38

This is possibly the most promising set of extras so far on a Buffy release for, ironically, what is considered by many people to be the show's poorest season. Expect the list above to be supplemented by a selection of scripts and trailers, as found on other Buffy sets. There may of course also be other extras included which have not yet been rated.

As a side note, the runtime of the "Once More, With Feeling" commentary is given as 48:29, confirming that the original, extended version of the episode will be included on the DVDs, not the shortened version.

BtVS Season 6 is due for release in the UK on 14 April.

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