Stargate SG-1: Volume 30 Review

Continuing our review of the last few Stargate SG-1 DVD releases, we continue with the four episodes included on Volume 31. Please refer to the review of Stargate SG-1 Vol. 29 for a summary of the show and to the text below for the four episodes included on this release.

Disclosure (42m14s): The US and Russia call a conference between their representatives and ambassadors from the UK, France and China to disclose the existence of the Stargate program. As Senator Kinsey arrives, it becomes apparent that the meeting is to debate the future of the Stargate program and whether Kinsey's NID monitor the Stargate on whether it remains with General Hammond's SG-1 group from the Air Force. As both Kinsey and Hammond try to dispel the fears of the UK, French and Chinese ambassadors as to the risks of having alien technology on Earth, they must also determine the future of the Stargate program.

Good though this episode is, it is little more than a clip show in which Hammond, Kinsey and Major Davis use excerpts from previous Stargate SG-1 episodes including The Sentinel, Revelations, Shades of Grey and Foothold to argue for the future of Stargate SG-1 . The regular Stargate SG-1 cast do not make an appearance.

Forsaken (42m14s): The SG-1 team arrive on a planet having passed through the Stargate and meet a small number of humans with advanced space flight technology. Soon after this meeting, both SG-1 and the other humans come under attack from an unknown alien race for an unknown reason. As SG-1 investigate both races, that of humans and that of the aliens, finding that both are claiming to have been prison officers transporting the other to an off world colony. Unable to ascertain who is telling the truth, Jack and Teal'c spend time with both whilst Jonas and Hammond set a trap for those they believe to be the prisoners, who may use the Stargate to plunder other planets.

The Changeling (42m13s): When Teal'c begins having dreams in which he is a fireman, he fears that he is losing his grip on reality. In his dreams, he is surrounded by the SG-1 team, including his old friend Daniel Jackson, who refuse to allow him to donate a kidney. When Teal'c wakes from these dreams, SG-1 realise that he had shared his symbiote to keep both himself and Bra'tac alive when trapped in an ambush but they struggle to find a replacement for his symbiote.

Memento (42m14s): The SG-1 are brought onboard the Prometheus to assist in a test of the ship's test flights but when its hyper drive suddenly fails, the team are left without a route back to Earth. Forced to land on an unexplored planet thought to have an inactive Stargate, O'Neill must appeal to the planet's rulers to let them use the Stargate whilst Jonas and Teal'c search for the location of what is now SG-1's only way home.


As with Volume 29, Stargate SG-1 has been transferred in its intended aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and once again looks good.


As with previous releases of Stargate SG-1, MGM Home Entertainment have ensured Volume 30 retains the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio track, which, whilst having strong front channels, is rather weak in the rears, being used mainly for ambient and sound effects.


Given that it has a similar range of extras as Volume 29 of Stargate SG-1, MGM has been obviously tried to keep a common range across each of the Season 6 releases:

SG1 Directors Series, The Changeling (13m00s, 1.33:1, 2.0 Stereo): Director Martin Wood describes the direction of the crash scene from this episode, in which Teal'c dreams himself to be a fireman before moving on to a couple of the more relaxed scenes in the episode.

SG1 Directors Series, Memento (10m09s, 1.33, 2.0 Stereo): Peter DeLuise, who directed this episode, comments on the behind-the-scenes footage shot during the making of this episode as well as conducting a tour of the set for the Prometheus, including his revealing of the trade tricks and hidden PC monitors.

Season 6, Stills Gallery 6: There are forty still images on this release, taken from the episodes and from PR shots.

Disclosure Audio Commentary: Readily admitting that Disclosure is only a clip show, Supervising Producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and actor Don Davis discuss the selection and editing of excerpts from previous shows as well as Davis' military career and the struggle in trying to find an actor with a convincing French accent.

Forsaken Audio Commentary: Director/Producer Andy Mikita and Producer/Writer Damian Kindler provide a subdued commentary on this episode, discussing many of the technical points of this episode if never really getting pulled into the episode.

The Changeling Audio Commentary: Clearly on an episode like The Changeling, which mixes dreams and reality, much of the commentary will be concerned with the changes from one to the other. With this in mind, Christopher Judge and director Martin Wood do not disappoint as they offer lengthy discussions on the transitions between the dreams suffered by Teal'c and his reality.

Memento Audio Commentary: Despite this being the best episode on the disc, it has the least interesting commentary with director Peter DeLuise and producer/writer Damian Kindler discussing the script, the feeling on the show by the time of this episode and how the development of the Prometheus grew over this season.

Volume 31 Episode Previews:
  • Prophecy (46s, 1.33:1, 2.0 Stereo)
  • Full Circle (46s, 1.33:1, 2.0 Stereo)

Season 6 Fan Club Spot (Weblink, 16s): Amanda Tapping appears during this short, live-action weblink to the Fan Club URL.


Given that this is the second review out of five within a week, for this section of the review, please read the review for Stargate SG-1 Vol. 29.

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