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We have now reactivated the comments on the site under the proviso that they are used correctly. This means I do not want to see multiple posts by the same user saying the same thing - there is an edit link available for a reason, we don't get people wasting our bandwidth and resources by posting completely lame and useless comments and we don't want to see anyone posting abuse or offending other users of the site.

What we do want to see is constructive comments and feedback - if this isn't forthcoming then it's a simple task to turn the comments off again, and given the number of emails that I've receieved since the comments were disabled there'll be a lot of unhappy people if we have to do it again.

We don't want the comments to turn into a free-for-all - something that afflicts most other sites that have a comment feature. We want the comments to be useful and intelligent - if they're not then it defeats the point of allowing people to post feedback on our content.

I am now watching very closely and we do now have a much harder stance on banning users who are unable to fulfil the above request.

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