British Sitcom movie adaptations in May

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of four movie adaptations of your favourite classic British sitcoms for 10th May 2004 with a retail price of £12.99 each...

Till Death Us Do Part (1969) - Discover the story behind opinionated old so-and-so Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell) in the big screen adaptation of the hugely popular and long-running TV show Till Death Us Do Part. The movie takes us back to 1939 and follows the life of Garnett and his family as they live through the London Blitz. True to the TV series' original characterisations, Till Death Us Do Part delivers a hearty dose of classic comedy, cockney style.

Cert: PG; 96 mins; Audio: Mono; Languages: English; Subtitles: None

Love Thy Neighbour (1973) - This extended screen version of the popular yet controversial sitcom in which West Indian neighbors Bill and Barbie Reynolds (Rudolph Walker and Nina Baden-Semper) laugh off a spurn of abuse from prejudice white worker Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst) and come out on top, is reborn onto DVD. The epitome of political incorrectness, Love Thy Neighbour gives an exclusive insight into the racial tensions of its day and the witty retaliations of the enduring Reynolds are shamelessly funny.

Cert: PG; 82 mins; Audio Mono; Languages: English; Subtitles: None

Ooh, You Are Awful (1972) - In a film that features Dick Emery's most comical creations, the TV comedian plays a would-be-rich conman in search of a Swiss bank account number. Trouble is, the all-important digits have been strategically tattooed by his dead accomplice (Ronald Fraser) on a mystery woman's bottom. After duping the mafia out of the fortune Emery searches high - and particularly low - for the illusive combination. Starring Derren Nesbitt, Pat Coombs, Liza Goddard and Brian Oulton.

Cert: PG; 92 mins; Audio Mono; Languages: English; Subtitles: None

Watch Your Stern (1960) - 'Carry On' capers commence as an incompetent seaman (Kenneth Connor) mistakenly destroys the plans for a top secret torpedo. Shrouded in a selection of dodgy guises he attempts to throw the Admiral off the scent in true to form, side splitting, 'Carry On' comedy fashion. Featuring a host of high profile British comedians including Leslie (Ding, Dong) Phillips, Spike Milligan, Sydney James and Eric Sykes the movie provides a rare showcase of the underrated talents of Kenneth Connor.

Cert: PG; 90 mins (tbc); Audio Mono; Languages: English; Subtitles: None

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