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Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of four classic World Cinema titles for 3rd May 2004 with a retail price of £12.99 each. This new collection celebrates the finest talent in film making from around the world offering work from influential directors representing Japan Akira Kurosawa, France Jean-Jaques Bieneix and Bertrand Blier and the USA Orson Welles.

Ran & A.K. (Two Disc Special Edition) - Akira Kurosawa's hauntingly beautiful Japanese adaptation of King Lear, RAN (Chaos) is a richly cultural masterpiece, an Academy Award-winner and multiple nominee. An ageing warlord decides to abdicate to his three sons splitting his wealth and castles amongst them. However, his two eldest sons soon become corrupt and turn against him.

Special Features

  • A.K. The Making of RAN documentary (71 mins)

    Japan/France, 1985, 155 mins, Cert 15, Colour, Audio: Stereo, Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen

    Diva - Jean-Jaques Beineix wrote and directed this shocking sadistic thriller with a fairytale romance about Paris' seedy underworld. Richard Bohringer star as a young Parisian postal worker who secretly records the object of his obsession - a beautiful opera singer. Also stars Dominique Pinon and Wilhemina Fernandez. Winner of 4 César Awards.

    France, 1981, 113 mins, Cert 15, Colour, Audio Soundtrack: Mono, Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1, 4x3

    The Trial (Le Procès) - Orson Welles applied his exceptional directorial style to Kafka's landmark 1925 novel about Joseph K. (Anthony Perkins), an office clerk whom gets arrested without being told why. The film opens with a Welles voiceover with a series of pin-screen animation (a technique using pins, cloth, light and shadows), concentrating on the atmosphere of K's world. The sets are typical Welles baroque - massive sculptures, which engulf K in the same way as Xanadu swallowed Kane in Citizen Kane.

    France, 1963, 113 mins, Cert PG, B/W, Audio Soundtrack: Mono, Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1, 16x9

    Buffet Froid - Bertrand Blier's César Award winning surreal comedy in which Gerard Depardieu stars as a suspected serial killer pitted against an ageing police inspector.

    France, 1979, 89 mins, Cert 12, Colour, Audio Soundtrack: Mono, Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1, 4x3

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