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MGM Home Entertainment have announced the following Region 2 catalogue titles for release on 5th April 2004 with a retail price of £12.99 each unless noted otherwise...

The Trip - Cult, acclaimed director Roger Corman (The Little Shop of Horrors) invites you to take a journey… THE TRIP is a true 1960’s original, starring a host of faces from the era of pyschedelia including Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Susan Strasberg and Bruce Dern. This extraordinary film, which was banned in the UK until this year, was penned by Jack Nicholson and will be available to own for the first time on DVD from the 5 April 2004 (£15.99 RRP).

Commercial director Paul (Fonda) is going through a heartbreaking divorce and desperate to get back into touch with society, and himself, decides to explore his mind by taking a trip. LSD dealer Max (Hopper) provides the drug and Paul’s friend John (Dern) guides him through his experience. But nothing can quite prepare Paul for what acid has to offer.

Travelling through beautiful surreal images and the darkest, scariest corners of the mind, THE TRIP will lead you into the world of the swinging 60’s and beyond.

Psych Out - Come join the Pleasure Seekers on the ultimate head trip, Psych Out. Jack Nicholson, Susan Strasberg, Dean Stockwell and Bruce Dern all star is this luscious depiction of the flower power society of San Francisco.

Jenny (Strasberg) is a beautiful, deaf runaway who makes it to California in search of her brother who has sent her a rather disturbing letter. She hooks up with a group of hippies led by the enigmatic Stoney (Nicholson) and begins to succumb to the flower-power way of life. Soon Jenny is embarking on the head trip of a lifetime…

Featuring a true 60’s soundtrack from the likes of The Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Seeds, PSYCH OUT is a fun, colourful movie that will leave you totally psyched!

The Boost - James Woods and Sean Young star in this exposé of the 1980’s yuppie drug culture. THE BOOST is one man’s tale to regain and keep his edge in a world where cash is king and being number one is everything.

In danger of losing the luxury lifestyle that he has built for him and his wife by selling real estate to the rich in L.A., Lenny (Woods) needs to find something that will help him keep ahead of the competition. The discovery of cocaine seems to be the best thing that could have possibly happened until Lenny finds he can’t get by without his regular fix and the struggle to stay on top gets harder and harder.

The descent into addiction is fast and Lenny has to regain control of his life or risk losing everything including his wife (Young) – all the while still needing that little ‘boost’. This is a sensitive portrayal of a man’s collapse, brilliantly acted by both Woods and Young, and well directed by Harold Becker (Sea of Love, City Hall).

Roadie - This cult classic could teach the school of rock a thing or two! Rocker Meatloaf stars in this riotous road movie about a country hick who inadvertently becomes "the world's best roadie" while pursuing a wanna-be groupie whose ambition is to lose her virginity to shock rock legend Alice Cooper.

COOPER plays himself and performs along with his boa constrictor, as do Hank Williams, Jr, Blondie And Roy Orbison. Other artists on the film’s excellent and eclectic soundtrack include Cheap Trick, Utopia, Crystal Gayle, and The B52s.

This release also features an original theatrical trailer for the film.

Cuba - Sean Connery and Brooke Adams (Gas Food Lodging) star in this thriller about two old flames who find themselves caught up in the chaotic scenes of the Cuban revolution.

The year is 1959 and Cuba is on the brink of revolution. A British mercenary Major Robert Dapes (Connery) travels to Cuba at the request of General Bello, one of Batista’s corrupt Generals. After witnessing the bloody scenes Robert finds it hard coming to terms with the brutality of the Batista regime and turns to an old lover Alexandra Lopez de Pulido (Adams) for comfort and to reassess his viewpoint.

With the revolution becoming increasingly volatile and atrocities spreading throughout the country Robert must fight for his own survival.

Directed by award winner Richard Lester and also staring Hector Elizondo (Tortilla Soup), CUBA is an exciting and intelligent thriller.

Pork Chop Hill - The legendary Gregory Peck stars in this explosive war drama based on a true story of American troops who are given the order to take an enemy position at all costs.

Lt. Joe Clemons (Peck) is ordered by his superiors to take Pork Chop Hill. The Americans are at a critical stage in negotiations at the Panmunjom peace conference and if the Chinese take the hill it could have disastrous consequences for the U.S.

Having been given the order Joe leads his men on an almost suicidal mission knowing that their sacrifice could save millions of lives in the long term. What follows is the battle of all battles.

Directed by Lewis Milestone (Ocean’s Eleven) this is a classic that should be in all war fans’ DVD collections.

The Devil's Brigade - Academy Award winners William Holden (Casino Royale) and Cliff Robertson (Carly) star in this explosive World War II saga based on a true story of the First Special Service Force.

Lt. Col. Robert T. Frederick (Holden) must piece together a crack Canadian military outfit with a bunch of renegade US army misfits. Initially the two groups fight between themselves but soon they learn to work together.

Frederick volunteers the fighting unit for a dangerous mission behind enemy lines in Italy attacking a Nazi stronghold. Considered impossible and totally outnumbered the unit take on the enemy with an all out assault.

Directed by Andrew V. Mclaglen (The Wild Geese) THE DEVIL’S BRIGADE captures the drama of war and includes outstanding cinematography.

King's Go Forth - Screen legends Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood star in the compelling WWII romantic drama, KINGS GO FORTH, which packs plenty of explosive action and powerful passion.

In WWII France, Corporal Britt Harris (Curtis) is assigned to work alongside a war-weary Sgt Loggins (Sinatra). When both men meet the beautiful Monique (Woods), they become rivals for her affections. However, when the men learn that Monique’s father is black and her mother is white it tests the character of each.

Directed by Delmer Daves (The Badlanders) and with an Elmer Bernstein score, this 1958 black and white film weaves elements of romance, war and miscegenation into a powerful and hard-hitting film.

The McKenzie Break - This suspenseful and highly original World War II thriller stars actor Brian Keith. Fraught with tension and desperation, THE MCKENZIE BREAK is a poignant and powerful film.

Irish prison officer, Capt. Jack Connor (Keith), is assigned by British Intelligence to the Scottish POW Camp McKenzie to investigate and foil any impending escape attempt by the unruly German inmates. Connor’s suspicions are aroused when one of Luftwaffe pilots is murdered by his fellow inmates.

Also starring Ian Hendry and Helmut Griem as the charismatic leader of the German POWs, this thrilling film will be a must have DVD for fans of war titles.

The Pride and the Passion - Stanley Kramer's second directorial film, THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION, is an epic tale of heroism, dogged determination, and sacrifice set during the French occupation of Spain during the Napoleonic wars.

With an all-star cast of Cary Grant, Frank Sintatra and international sex symbol SOPHIA LOREN, it’s the sweeping story of a gigantic cannon’s journey to crush the 'impregnable' walls of a French-occupied garrison Avila.

Sinatra plays the Spanish guerrilla leader, Miguel, whom with the expertise of an English naval officer (Grant) raises the enormous cannon from a ravine and transports it across country in order to attack the French.

Allies on the battlefield, the two men however become involved in a bitter struggle over the affections of Miguel’s mistress Juana.

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