Finding Nemo underwater viewing event

To help promote this Friday's UK DVD release of Finding Nemo and do their bit for charity at the same time Buena Vista Home Entertainment held a unique event this past weekend that saw Lloyd Scott, charity fundraising extraordinaire, don an antique diving suit once more to nestle in the comfort of the Atlantic Tank at the London Aquarium to watch the DVD of Finding Nemo!

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The full press release regarding this event follows complete with some photos from the day...

Britain’s favourite walking deep-sea diver Lloyd Scott today became the first man in the UK to watch a DVD fully submerged under water. He embarked on the feat to mark the DVD launch of the smash hit Finding Nemo from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. Donning an antique deep-sea diving suit, Lloyd took a break from his arduous charity fundraising challenges to settle down and enjoy the DVD in the company of live fish in the Atlantic Tank at the London Aquarium.

This ‘first ever’ was made possible by having an 8ft x 6ft acrylic screen suspended in the tank. The screen was lowered into the Atlantic Tank on Friday to allow the fish to get used to the new addition to their environment. Lloyd followed the film by using the subtitle facility on the DVD supported with a sound system situated outside the tank to transmit the film’s audio. Schools of mackerel floated past the screen attracted by the colours and the lights, while the more retiring rays stayed close to the bottom of the tank.

Relaxing in a bright orange armchair, Lloyd enjoyed the blockbuster film that follows the hilarious adventures of Marlin, an overprotective clownfish who embarks on a journey through the oceans to find his son Nemo after he is captured by scuba divers. The film has become the biggest animated film in history, breaking box office records around the world. When the DVD was released in the US in late 2003, it became the fastest selling DVD in the US ever. The film hits the shops in the UK on 27 February and retailers have already taken hundreds of thousands pre-orders.

On the previous night an exclusive private underwater screening of Finding Nemo was held at the aquarium night for a selected audience with guests situated outside the tank. But Lloyd wanted to go one step further.

Says Lloyd Scott ‘I wanted to take on the challenge of seeing if someone could actually watch a film underwater. It took a huge safety team, a lot of technical expertise and a lot of diving experience to make it possible. The whole idea of watching a film underwater is really weird, but with Finding Nemo, because the animation is so life like, there were moments when what was on screen blended seamlessly with the underwater environment. It’s a hugely entertaining film. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the DVD extras on dry land though!’

The event was organised to mark the launch of the DVD and the unlimited hours of entertainment it will bring to UK fans anytime, anywhere. With its hysterical aquatic characters, groundbreaking animation and hours of extras the Finding Nemo special edition double disc DVD is THE must have for this spring. An all star vocal cast comprising Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Barry Humphries, Willem Dafoe and Geoffrey Rush bring to life the eclectic and brilliant characters in Finding Nemo.

The DVD is packed to the coral reef with an unbelievable number of bonus features including deleted scenes, a virtual aquarium, a special documentary with Jean Michel Cousteau, a Making Nemo documentary and a host of games to entertain big and little kids.

Lloyd undertook the challenge to raise money for CHILDREN with LEUKAKEMIA, one of the charities he has supported since he became ill with leukaemia at the age of twenty.

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