South Park Season 2 box set

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of South Park: The Complete Second Season for June 3rd 2003 with a retail price of $49.95. All 18 episodes from the second season are present and will be presented in 4:3 full screen with DD2.0 Surround audio. In terms of bonus features it would seem that Warner's incompetent handling of the first seasons DVD release* has kept creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker away from the audio commentary booth, so instead we just get the following bonus features: Making of documentary, a music video and TV Spots for each episode. Nice one Warner.

*Matt Stone and Trey Parker recorded audio commentaries for all 13 episodes of Season One for the R1 DVD release. These were initially set for inclusion on the set but Warner got cold feet and refused to include them on the disc unless they could go through each track with a pair of scissors to snip out anything offensive (makes sense on a show like South Park!). Here is what Matt Stone had to say on the matter...

"This is our audio commentary for the first 13 episodes of the international comedy super-hit South Park. Warner Brothers would not release it on the DVD without editing some of it's content for "standards" issues. Trey and I simply love the sounds of our own voices too much to let this happen. We also believe in a little thing called the First Amendment. After you hear it you may wonder "What was the big deal about it anyway?" Good question. And one better directed at Warner Brothers than at a TV screen. So let them know what you think. Trey and I did. And enjoy our first ever sober audio commentary."

--Matt Stone, Kabul 2002

Source: South Park Studios

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