The virus spreads as Resident Evil escapes onto DVD this April

Pathé Distribution Limited have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Resident Evil for April 14th 2003. One of the best videogame to movie transitions yet, Resident Evil will arrive on DVD with a fine range of bonus material for the retail price of £17.99. Here are the specs...

  • Anamorphic Widescreen transfer
  • English DD5.1 Audio
  • Cast and Crew Commentary
  • The Making of Resident Evil Documentary
  • Scoring Resident Evil Featurette
  • Costumes Featurette
  • Set Design Featurette
  • Zombie Camera Tests
  • My Plague: Slipknot video Easter Egg
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Teaser Trailer
Here is a lack at the pack shot and some promotional text from the Press Release...

Something terrible is lurking in the Hive, a vast underground genetic research facility run by the Umbrella Corporation, a faceless bio-engineering conglomerate. A deadly viral outbreak occurs, and in response, the Red Queen - a vast supercomputer that controls and monitors the Hive - seals the entire facility to contain the leak, killing all the trapped employees.

Alice (Milla Jovovich, The Fifth Element), Rain (Michelle Rodriguez, The Fast and the Furious) and Matt (Eric Mabius, Cruel Intentions) must lead fellow commandos to isolate the virus that has wiped out Umbrella’s research staff. However, the team soon discovers that the workers are…not…really…dead. They are now the ravenous, zombie-like Undead, and they are prowling the hive. One bite or scratch from a zombie causes infection and worse, instant transformation into their kind.

Alice and the military task force have three hours to complete their mission before the Undead threaten to overrun the Earth. To access the Red Queen, the team must pass through a series of increasingly horrifying obstacles in the maze-like hive. With deadly lasers and mutant dogs chasing them, the team stumbles across a vast specimen room where Alice witnesses the results of Umbrella’s evil experimental research and discovers the Undead are the ghastly result of a project gone awry - the T-virus.

Initially designed to combat ageing and fight nerve-based diseases, the T-virus has the ability to reanimate dead cells. Alice realises that an unknown saboteur has stolen the virus and freed it into the hive’s atmosphere. That’s how the outbreak occurred. Who would do such a thing, and why? To answer this, the team must confront the giant computer. Standing in their way is a genetically mutated animal that is now a vicious creature known as "the Licker," bent on destroying them all. The Licker’s strength increases with each victim it slays–making the team’s job even more deadly.

Will the team defeat the Red Queen and find the anti-virus in time? Or are they doomed to turn Undead? Who, if anyone, will escape the evil Hive alive? Find this out and more locked inside Resident Evil on DVD and Video. The DVD also contains an insightful commentary by the cast and crew, a ‘Making of’ documentary, four behind the scenes featurettes, trailers and the Easter Egg music video for Slipknot’s ‘My Plague’.

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