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Peckish? Cannibal Terror could be for you then

Hard Gore, the horror brand for Screen Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of the uncut Cannibal Terror for April 21st 2003. Now this film sounds truly disgusting so I'll let the the Press Release do the talking...

Tagline: Deep in the Jungle the Flesh Eaters are waiting.

Synopsis: Two small time crooks, Mario and Roberto, along with their female companion kidnap a young girl, and decide to hide out at a friend's jungle house, where he makes his living trading with the local natives.

However, the local natives have a particular speciality on their menu - human flesh

When Mario rapes his friend's wife she takes revenge by tying him to a tree to be eaten by the natives. Having informed the kidnapped girls parents of her whereabouts, the remaining gangsters flee into the jungle pursued by the parents seeking revenge and a pack of gut munching flesh eaters searching for their next meal.

Directed by Alain Petit / Julio Tabernero
Starring Burt Altman, Annabelle, Mariam Camacho and Stan Hamilton
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country of Production: Spain - English language soundtrack.
Rating: 18
Category: Horror
DVD Extras: Image Gallery

SRP: £15.99

Website: Hardgore

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