Cheap CDs? Maybe not for much longer if the industry gets it's way...

Quite an interesting development has happened in the last couple of days, that while not DVD related, could have an impact on DVD sales within the UK. It appears that Music Trading On-Line, CD-WOW as we know them, are being sued by a number of record companies represented by the British Phonographic Industry, as a result of their selling of Hong Kong imports to UK and other customers.

Full details of the case can be found here. Given that I shop at CD-WOW most of the time for my music purchases, I'd be very sorry to see them go.

The large record companies have a habit of trampling over their customers, they claim to be seeing massive drops in profits, but is it any wonder when they seem set on continually charging unbelievably high prices for manufactured rubbish while the real talent goes unrewarded? The music market is now awash with talentless boy and girl groups, originality and variety is at an all-time low and yet the whole music industry seems set on blaming their problems on anyone but themselves. Maybe if the companies took a look at what their money is spent on, they might see that by more support of small acts they may breathe new life into their sales.

Companies such as CD-WOW are successful because they offer good quality at reasonable prices. However instead of seeing it as competition or an incentive to replicate their success, the industry big boys would rather just use brute force to wipe out the problem.

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