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Another Simpsons 'best of' release

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the latest compilation of episodes from The Simpsons to be released on April 7th carrying the title of Simpson's Risky Business. Consisting of four 'job-themed' episodes presented in 4:3 with DD2.0 Stereo audio, the disc will retail at £15.99. The episodes included are...


Homer buys a fast sports car from a Police Seized-Property Auction supervised by Chief Wiggum. Marge walks away in disgust from Homers dangerous driving and bumps in to Lionel Hurtz. Lionel, now a realtor for Red Blazer Reality convinces Marge that she too can be a success in Real Estate. After the gruelling exams to qualify, Marge realises that it is not as easy as it seems, especially when you are married to Homer Simpson...


Homer takes over Smither's job, while he goes away on vacation. The job requires Homer to be in charge of the following duties; 'answering Mr Burns phone, preparing his tax return, moistening his eyeballs, assisting with his chewing and swallowing, lying to Congress and some light typing.' Homer struggles with a few of these...


NASA is looking for a blue-collar worker slob to bolster the American public's interest - Homer is the perfect candidate! When he calls up NASA to complain about too much boring space coverage on TV, Homer is asked to join the next space mission... However, there are problems in space. Can Homer save the crew with an inanimate carbon rod?


The Simpson's are in dire straits as the family home is sliding off its foundations. To aid the building fund Marge decides to get a job at the nuclear power plant. Little did she know that she would attract some rather over- friendly attention from Mr Burns! With the help of the voice of Tom Jones Mr Burns tries to woo Marge, but how could Marge give up all the qualities of Homer?

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