War of the Worlds - not one, but two versions!

H.G.Wells' story, The War of the Worlds, is set for a cinematic showdown next year with the release of two major adaptions. The first, and most widely known, is the Spielberg/Cruise project. The second is an animated adaption of Jeff Wayne's 1978 album based on the story.

Spielberg and Cruise have recently put two of their major projects - Spielberg's 1972 Munich Olympics movie and of course Mission: Impossible 3 - on hold to fast track War of the Worlds for a Christmas 2005 US release.

While the big-screen, big-budget adaption is expected to take some liberties (time and location) with Wells' story, Jeff Wayne's animated feature will stick to the letter of it's source material being set in England at the end of the 19th Century making it the only faithful adaption of the original novel.

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