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Updated! Could we end up with THREE Hobbit movies?

As previously reported below, there were suggestions earlier this month that The Hobbit may be split into three films rather than the confirmed two. At the time, Warner denied that there were plans but now a story on The Hollywood Reporter has added substance to earlier rumours.

According to THR, Warner Bros, along with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens have now met to discuss the logistics of turning the single book into a trilogy - including technicalities such as securing the actors for a third, unexpected film, and putting together costs. Jackson has already said he's keen to film some of the material found in the appendices of the book which doesn't fit within the current two-film structure so while it's not confirmed we beginning to feel this is becoming more than just a rumour...


According to reports coming out of San Diego's Comic-Con, Peter Jackson may be looking at the possibility of splitting The Hobbit into THREE movies rather than the two originally planned. Bleeding Cool have translated an article on Portuguese website Omlete that goes on double-translated record as saying Jackson has spoken in interviews about the possiblity.

In related news, a new poster was released earlier this week for the first installment in the saga, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, placing Sir Ian McKellan's Gandalf at the front-and-centre and we also have a huge 'scroll' featuring images from the film in story order.


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