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Trailer For The Last Stand Online

As promised following on from the smoky, Schwarzenegger infested poster earlier this week, a brand new trailer for The Last Stand has turned up online with guns blazing and more importantly, Arnie acting like he never left.

Set in the quaint little spot of Summerton Junction, Schwarzenegger plays worn down lawman, Sheriff Owen who isn’t looking for trouble until it of course finds him instead. After getting word that a nefarious drug lord is on the run and planning to drive straight through his town, Owen does what any other sheriff would and sends them on their way.

Packing plenty of firepower and enough one-liners from Arnie to keep us interested we’re hoping that The Last Stand is the return Schwarzenegger deserves. Chuck in the supporting talent of Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville and Peter Stormare and we’ve got what looks to be the sort of ludicrously loud action films that the big screen has been missing for so long.

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