Tintin film going ahead - Spielberg directing

Along with this, Spielberg has The Terminal released this year, plus The War of the Worlds and Indy 4 in development.

Thought you might be interested in knowing that Hergé's widow, Fanny Rodwell - who is currently visiting Stockholm, Sweden - told Swedish reporters that she has read and approved a first draft for the Tintin movie that Spielberg is directing. This was reported in several newspapers yesterday. Fanny Rodwell and her husband Nick Rodwell are, as most Tintin fans already know, responsible for the Hergé Foundation - who get final say on all things Tintin. Spielberg has now gotten the green light from the Foundation to go ahead with the movies. She didn't say which album he's doing though, but going from rumours, it's probably "Unicorn..." and "Red Rackham..."

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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