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The Friday Film News Roundup

Rumour has it that a shortlist has been drawn up at Fox for suitable actors to fill three of the four roles for the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four. The list includes Michael B. Jordan for the role of the Human Torch, while the Invisible Woman could be between Kate Mara & Saoirse Ronan. The role of Mr. Fantastic is apparently down to three with Jack O Connell, Kit Harington & Miles Teller all up for the role. Nothing has yet been mentioned regarding the role of Ben Grimm, aka The Thing at this time though. The reboot is due for release in 2015 and will be directed by Josh Trank. Variety

After a rather big dip in viewing figures in the States, Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been given a full season, which will run for 22 episodes. This was always likely to be the case, despite some poor reviews and the previously mentioned drop in numbers.

If it's your kind of thing, then you can read the script for George Miller's attempt at DC's cinematic version of the Justice League. Penned way back in 2007, the planned Justice League movie was quite far along production wise, casting had been completed, suits had been fitted and production was due to begin in Australia, then things fell apart for various reasons, namely a certain Christopher Nolan directed Bat sequel and it's huge success changing the way DC & Warner Bros. were planning things. Superhero Movie News

Despite the pretty much universal recognition Gravity has received both critically and financially, its director Alfonso Cuaron has refused to watch one of this years best reviewed films. Interviews by The Huffington Post, Cuaron gave the following quote: "Once I finish a film, I don't ever see it again. Never ever. I have never seen any of my films since I finished them." The Huffington Post

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has stated the obvious at recent conference by saying that the company desperately needs to release a Wonder Woman movie sooner rather than later. DC are some way behind Marvel in their cinematic plans and beyond 2015's Superman Vs Batman team up, there are no immediate plans after that. THR

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