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Star Wars spin-off updates

The recent news that Godzilla director, Gareth Edwards and After Earth writer, Gary Whitta will be tackling the first Star Wars spin-off, due for release in 2016 was greeted with optimism. Likewise the lining up of Josh Trank, who directed the excellent Chronicle for the 2018 spin off was pleasing news to franchise fans.

Now it's rumoured that Empire Strikes Back and Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan is or has been working on a Boba Fett script for one of the two non-core films. Whether this is the same film that Gary Whitta is attached to, or the currently writer-less Trank film is unknown but our guess is that its the latter.

We've also had confirmation (although we expected it was the case anyway) from George Osborne of all people that the first spin off will film in the UK once Episode VII wraps.

Star Wars: Episode VII will arrive in cinemas worldwide in December 2015.

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