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Star Trek sequel still on course for 2012 release

Despite continued delays, J. J. Abrams second stab at Star Trek is still, just about, on course for a Winter 2012 release. However Paramount have yet to rule out a further slip to Summer 2013. The film, which is now confirmed to be directed by Abrams after much speculation, will continue to rebooted saga in the whole new timeline created in the first film - this means that Abrams and co aren't tied to any previous canon or mythology and can develop the series however they see fit, so don't expect to see a remake of the Wrath of Khan any time soon!

All of the main cast from the previous film are signed up for the sequel and one aspect of the film's story will continue to explore Spock's (Zachary Quinto) relationship with Uhura (Zoe Saldana). Other than that, the film's cast and crew remain tight lipped on any potential plot details. Cameo appearances from cast members of previous Trek outings are also being kept under wraps, but we're not expecting to see Shatner or Nimoy making an appearance...

The script is being worked on as we speak, but is expected to be complete by early October with the film scheduled to go into production by Christmas giving a full 12 months before it hits multiplexes. Regardless of delays, it's refreshing to see a studio not rushing a sequel into production and bodes well that the follow-up will continue to do the same good work in reinvigorating the tired franchise that the 2009 movie started.

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