Peter Jackson will make The Hobbit

Peter Jackson, writer/producer/director of The Lord of the Rings, has said that it will be up to four years before he starts work on a film version of The Hobbit, the book that precedes The Lord of the Rings saga.

Jackson has a "desire" to produce and direct the film, but he added that "lengthy negotiations" would have to take place before the cameras start rolling. "I think it's gonna be a lot of lawyers sitting in a room trying to thrash out a deal before it will ever happen," Jackson said in Sydney.

The rights to The Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, are split between MGM and New Line Cinema. The recent sale of MGM to Sony, however, will cause further problems when trying to negotiate a deal that would be mutually beneficial for both studios.

King Kong, for which Jackson is reportedly being paid $20 million to direct, will be released in December 2005. He is then signed on to make Lovely Bones, a film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Alice Sebold.

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