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New from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine: Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks is the second feature from husband and wife directorial team Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. Their first big screen success, Little Miss Sunshine was a warming and ultimately hugely enjoyable comedy so we have high hopes that they can recapture that magic once again.


Calvin (Paul Dano) is a struggling novelist who can’t quite find anything he wants to write. Encouraged by his shrink (Elliott Gould) to start creating his dream girl, Calvin’s reality is upended when Ruby (screenwriter and Dano’s off-screen girlfriend Zoe Kazan) suddenly manifests in his apartment, in love with him and precisely as he’s written her.

Uplifting, joyfully absurd and also starring Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening and Steve Coogan, Ruby Sparks is a heart-warming comedy about writer’s block, fantasy and the unexpected difficulties of getting exactly what you want.

Ruby Sparks is due to hit UK cinemas in October 2012.

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