King Arthur London Premiere

Thursday night saw the principal cast of King Arthur arrive in London to greet the crowds for the UK premiere of this modern take on the classic Knights of the Round story. Alex Casey was in attendance and caught the fine images you see below, which include a look at the sight of a Roman Legion arriving, (including mounted standard bearer) which promised much but their positioning on podiums right in front of the crowd blocked a significant portion of the fans view.

The principal cast only engaged in brief signing sessions, preferring instead to conjure up (some much needed?!) media publicity through interviews with the 30 odd TV crews who were present. Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer arrived near the end to help shore-up support; however the arrival of director Antoine Fuqua was hardly noticed by the crowd.

Alex Casey previously brought DVDTimes photos from the UK premieres of Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Spider-Man 2

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The Roman Legion arrives

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Keira Knightley

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Clive Owen, Ray Winstone and Jerry Bruckheimer

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