Batman Begins - more details

Originally known as Batman: Intimidation Game, Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins will see its cinematic release on 30 July 2005, no doubt greeted by copious box office takings and fanboy excitement.

What we know so far is that Christian Bale (American Psycho, Reign of Fire, Equilibrium) will play Batman, and Michael Caine will play his servant Alfred.

Other confirmed cast members include:

Cillian Murphy
Katie Holmes
Gary Oldman
Morgan Freeman
Liam Neeson
Ken Watanabe
Tom Wilkinson
Rutger Hauer

Aside from Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, it looks like that entire list comprises of villains!

Plot details remain scarce, but David S. Goyer's screenplay is said to be the best Batman adaptation ever, truly dispelling the cack that was Batman Forever, and its sequel Batman & Robin, from the minds of cinema-goers.

More details on this when we get it.

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