Another change of director on Mission: Impossible 3

Mission: Impossible 3, has had a somewhat patchy history to date having had a number of directors join and leave the production. First attached to the project was David Fincher who was eventually replaced at Tom Cruise' request with Joe Carnahan.

However, this week, Carnahan also left production and a number of names have been rumoured as being attached to the project in his absense. We can now reveal that the film's new director will be JJ Abrams - the man behind Alias and Lost on television. In addition to writing the script, he will now be picking up where Carnahan left off behind the camera.

UPDATE 23 JULY 2004 - It now looks like JJ Abrams won't be directing the film; Brett Ratner, of Rush Hour and Red Dragon fame, is now lined up for the director's chair.

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