Definition: Film Review

Diego Maradona Review

From footballing God to Hand of God - the rise and fall of an unrivalled genius

Possessor Review

Body horror turned all the way up

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Eastern Review

Cold and spare, Eastern is a vengeance drama which has played out over many generations.

Jungleland Review

I'm a lion, hear me roar.

Stardust Review

A film about Bowie, minus the Bowie

Happiest Season Review

Time to get in the holiday spirit!

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Charlatan Review

Agnieszka Holland's new film is a biopic of Czech healer Jan Mikolášek and his conflict with the authorities.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette Review

Forget John Cena, David Arquette is where its at.

Hillbilly Elegy Review

Is Hillbilly Elegy really one of the worst films of the year?

Kinoteka Polish Film Festival: Iron Bridge Review

The 18th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival opens with Iron Bridge, Monika Jordan-Młodzianowska's debut feature. In a mining town, an affair comes under stress when her husband is trapped underground after an explosion.

Dreamland Review

Here's to the ones who dream

I Am Greta Review

I Am Greta gives us a glimpse at the girl behind the speeches. Inspiring, honest and brilliant.

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project Review

The legacy of a woman who recorded TV news stations non-stop for 35 years